While there is no ship in De Troyes' version of the legend that bears Perceval toward the grail, there is an important ship early in the narrative. In an early episode, Perceval helps fight off a seige for the maiden of a castle that later becomes his lover. The castle runs low on supplies and all seems lost until a ship miraculously comes and saves the castle and town with supplies:

On that very day, a ship heavily laden with flour and filled with many other provisions had been driven across the waters by a powerful storm: it was God's will thta it should come intact and undamnaged to the foot of the castle. When they saw it those within the castle sent messengers down to the inquire of the sailors who they were and what the y had come to seek. The envoys from the castle went down at once to the ship and asked the men who they were, where they had come from and where they were going.

And they replied: "We are merchants carrying provisions to sell. We have plenty to bread, wine, salt pork, cattle and pigs for slaughter, if you need any."

The townspeople exclaimed: "Blessed be God who gave the wind its power to drive you here, and may you be msot welcome! Heave to, for we'll buy everything at whatever price you set." (412)

Selections from Chrétien De Troyes' Arthurian Romances. Translated by Carleton W. Carroll