In Gawain's adventures, there is an episode where he is mocked and shamed by a haughty maiden who repeatedly claims that Gawain is not a true knight, even though he carries out several tasks for her. Instead, in repayment for his generosity, she decides that she must follow him until he is utterly and completely shamed:
"Ha! Things are indeed going well!" said the spiteful maiden. "Now I'll be delighted and happy to go wherever you wish, because it is quite right and proper that I should follow after you for a week or two or three weeks or a month! ... I'll follow you, for it is agreed that I'll never quit you until you are truly disgraced, and there is no way you can avoid it now." (469)
Gawain, however, puts up with her and finally impresses her into submission with his long-suffering acquiescence and willingness to perform tasks for her.