The Book of Gawain Overview
De Troyes
von Eschenbach
The First Continuation
The High Book of the Grail
Spicer on Gawain


In some kind of invisible castle some kind of knight played chess De Troyes
von Eschenbach
The High Book of the Grail
Poet Be Like God

      with an invisible chessplayer
A maiden, naturally.
You can hear the sound of wood on the board and some
      kind of knight breathing
It was another spoiled quest. George Poet Be Like God
Said to me that the only thing he thought was important in
      chess was killing the other king. I had accused him of
      lack of imagination.
I talked of fun and imagination but I wondered about the
      nature of poetry since there was some kind of knight and an
      invisible chess player and they had been playing chess in
      the Grail Castle.

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