The Book of Percival Overview
De Troyes
von Eschenbach
Spicer on Percival


It was not searching the grail De Troyes
von Eschenbach
or finding it that prompted me
It was playing the fool (Fool-killer along at my back
Playing the fool.)
I knew that the cup or the dish or the knights I fought didn't
      have anything to do with it
Fool-killer and I were fishing De Troyes
von Eschenbach
in the same ocean
"And at the end of whose line?" I asked him once when I
      met him in my shadow.
"You ask the wrong questions" De Troyes
von Eschenbach
and at that my shadow jumped
      up and beat itself against a rock, "or rather the wrong
      questions to the wrong person"
At the end of the line
I now lie

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